On November 13, the Ocean Beach Town Council passed a resolution in support of a Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance in the City of San Diego.

More than 500 million single-use plastic bags are distributed annually in San Diego, and approximately 3% are recycled. Improper disposal results in plastic bags becoming windblown through our streets, parks, and beaches, clogging our storm drains and sewers, degrading our soils and waterways, and threatening the lives of avian and marine species.

Over 70 California municipalities have enacted ordinances banning or restricting the use of plastic bags.

The OBTC is committed to protecting our natural environment and the public health and welfare of our community’s residents.  Therefore, the OBTC supports a Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance and recommends that the City of San Diego enact a ban on single-use carry-out plastic bags as the most administratively efficient and cost effective measure to address the issues of wasted energy, excess greenhouse gases, litter, and soil and water pollution, and we request Ocean Beach businesses and organizations to stop carrying single-use carry-out plastic bags and to join the Plastic Pollution Coalition (http://plasticpollutioncoalition.org/).

Here is the full OBTC Plastic Bag Ban Resolution.

News Coverage:

KPBS: Ocean Beach Officials Back Ban On Plastic Bags, December 3, 2013

San Diego Community News Group – OB Town Council puts bag on plastic bag controversy, December 12, 2013 

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