On Saturday, December 16th, Ocean Beach Town Council board members, Gretchen Kinney-Newsom, Jody Thompson, Marin Green, Jenn Avoledo and Jon Carr joined Surfrider volunteers on an Ocean Friendly Garden tour.

The tour started at long-time resident Flicka Dormer’s beach house where we got an up close look at her Surfrider-installed Ocean Friendly Garden.

Garden’s are certified as “Ocean Friendly” when they meet the following Criteria:

Conservation of water, energy and habitat

Permeability of soil and surfaces, which lets water slow down and sink

Retention of rainwater and prevention of wet weather runoff

From there, we toured the neighborhood from Orchard & Cable up Coronado to Sunset Cliffs and back again. All the way learning about our native plants, the importance of retaining our rainwater, and issues with urban runoff into our coastal waterways. The tour was informative and fun on a beautiful December day in Ocean Beach! To keep up to date on local events like this, be sure to like our facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/obtowncouncil and our calendar

And for more information about Ocean Friendly Gardens, and how to get your own garden certified ocean friendly, visit the Surfrider page here: http://sandiego.surfrider.org/programs/ocean-friendly-gardens.

If you’re looking for some design inspiration for Ocean Friendly Gardens, check out the OFG Pinterest page: http://www.pinterest.com/ofgsandiego/.

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