To Our OB Town Council Members, Friends, and Supporters:

“We must cultivate our own garden,” and the Ocean Beach Mainstreet Association (OBMA) is doing just that. They recently announced their new OB Security Program after a 9-month test run at an OBTC Public Meeting, and a Crowdfunding Campaign. OBMA is looking for community support and donations (which are tax deductible) to help the program continue, thrive, and expand.

“The OB Security Program is dedicated to keeping OB a family-friendly community. The security patrol adds public safety, provides outreach service information, and reports graffiti & illegal activity to authorities,” said the OBMA.

To donate, learn more, or support the Ocean Beach Security Program, go to:

Donations to the OB Security Program crowdfunding campaign are tax deductible and can earn prizes or rewards.

Click here to check out the OB Security Program crowdfunding campaign!

If you are not interested in donating to the Ocean Beach Security Program, here are some other options for you to help support the safety and welfare of the OB Community.

Respect OB – Checklist

  1. For emergencies, call 911;
  2. For non-emergencies – call the Non-Emergency line: 619-531-2000 (and be sure to stay on hold until your call is answered and recorded);
  3. When crime occurs, always report it! You can file a police report here:
  4. Sign up, join and participate in the OB Next Door Community or on the numerous Facebook pages pertaining to our Ocean Beach community.
  5. Sign up, join and participate in the numerous Neighborhood Watch Programs currently operating in OB, such as:
  6. Always Be Vigilant and Respect OB.

P.S. If you are not already a member of the OB Town Council, please join today – we advocate for our community, put on great events (have you attended the famous OB Holiday Parade?!?), and invest in Ocean Beach with community programs, scholarships for local students, and grants to keep OB awesome! Click here to join the OBTC!


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