On April 14, 2015, the OB Town Council passed a resolution  in support of passing a strong Climate Action Plan in the City of San Diego.

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In Support of Passing a Strong Climate Action Plan in the City of San Diego 

April 14, 2015 

WHEREAS, the impact of climate change include the following impacts on the communities and residents of the San Diego region: more intense and humid heat waves; more intense storms and drought; increased water and energy demand; increased fire frequency, intensity & area covered; and sea-level rise and coastal effects[1]; and,

WHEREAS, in 2050, if current trends continue, Sea level will be 12-18 inches higher; beaches will shrink and some will disappear completely; fragile sea cliffs will collapse; coastal properties will be flooded with increasing regularity; more frequent high waves and rough surf will increase the potential for significant damage; existing tide pools will be destroyed; and coastal wetlands will lose their capacity to filter polluted runoff and keep beaches clean[2]; and,

WHEREAS, climate change is one of the greatest threats to human existence, and we as a community must act to find common sense solutions that protect public health and our quality of life for future generations, and

WHEREAS, San Diego has a wealth of local, clean energy solutions, and could become a hub for green energy, green jobs, and a sustainable economy; and

WHEREAS, the OBTC is committed to promoting the general betterment of Ocean Beach and the welfare of its residents; and, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Ocean Beach Town Council supports the draft Climate Action Plan released in September of 2014[3] and calls upon the Mayor of the City of San Diego and the San Diego City Council to act as quickly as possible to pass this strong, legally binding climate plan; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the Ocean Beach Town Council the urges the passage and support of a Climate Action Plan that:

• Ensures Local Control of Energy Decisions;

• Explores Opportunity for Implementing Community Choice Energy;

• Achieves 100% Renewable Energy by 2035;

• Puts Solar in All Communities;

• Makes Our Homes and Buildings Green, Healthy and Efficient;

• Ensures Safe, Clean, Convenient and Affordable Public Transit;

• Provides Walkable and Bikeable Neighborhoods for All;

• Creates Good-Paying, Local Green Jobs; and

• Protects Natural Resources, and be it further

RESOLVED by the Ocean Beach Town Council Board of Directors that this resolution shall be sent to, but not limited to: San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Council President Sherri Lightner, Councilmember Lorie Zapf and the members of the City Council of San Diego; Town Councils from District 2 communities, the Ocean Beach Main Street Association; the Ocean Beach Planning Board; other local community groups; local media outlets, and members of the Ocean Beach Town Council.


This Resolution was drafted by OBTC President Gretchen Newsom with input from the Climate Action Campaign, a non-profit that made a presentation before the Ocean Beach Town Council on March 25, 2015 and is seeking to build support for our San Diego’s Climate Action Plan and to ensure its successful passage and implementation.

This Resolution was passed by the Ocean Beach Town Council on April 14, 2015.

[1] Climate Action Campaign, website, http://www.climateactioncampaign.org/the-problem.html, 4/13/2015

[2] ibid

[3] Draft Climate Action Plan, September 2014, www.sandiego.gov/planning/genplan/cap/


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