OBTC Restored Entryway Sign

At our meeting on August 26th, the OBTC will host a candidate forum for individuals seeking election to our OBTC Board of Directors.  8 seats are open for election! If you would like to take your community involvement to the next level, here’s a great opportunity. By being a Board Director, you can be an elected voice in communicating the views and needs of Ocean Beach to government agencies, be at the forefront of community discussions, take action on local issues and be a leader in promoting the general betterment of OB.

To be considered for candidacy, you must be a dues-paying OBTC member and submit your Letter of Intent stating your reasons for wanting to join the OBTC Board and describing any relevant experience or skills to info@obtowncouncil.org by Monday, August 24th.

Additional election details http://obtowncouncil.org/obtc-board-elections-call-for-candidates-and-nominations-2/

Click here for our Agenda. Click here to RSVP on Facebook!

We will also provide an update on OB Veterans Plaza, a project of the OBCDC, and the Name Inscription Application that is available.

The OB Town Council hosts public meetings on the 4th Wednesday every month except November and December. Regular speakers include local leaders, political, business and law enforcement and public safety representatives, as well as members from all corners of the Ocean Beach community. Whether you’re a long-time OB-cean or just want to learn more about OB, all are welcome!

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