Background information on Short Term Vacation Rentals:

The “OB vibe” is in danger, as an unregulated and alarming increase of Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVRs) poses a threat to our quality of life and OB’s character. The objects and purposes of the Ocean Beach Town Council are to express the will, to represent the welfare, and to sustain the spirit of the community of Ocean Beach, and therefore the OBTC must address this issue that weighs heavily on the future of our town.

As a community that has the highest percentage of renters to home-owners in our region (85% are renters), Ocean Beach residents are greatly impacted by the area’s steady decline of rental housing as more and more units have become permanent vacation rentals. The already high cost of living here continues to skyrocket as developers choose to place their housing availabilities on travel websites such as AirBnB, instead of putting them up for rent. This not only causes an influx of tourists which degrades the tight-knit, neighborly community that we love, it also perpetuates a shortage of rental options, pushing local residents out in favor of turning a quick profit.

Although the City Council and Mayor Faulconer’s office have expressed their intent to not enforce regulations on the amount of Short Term Vacation rentals in San Diego, the Ocean Beach Town Council continues to oppose the increase in STVRs in our community, and push for legislation that will effectively limit the number of STVR units that will be allowed in our neighborhoods. This is not aimed at local residents that wish to supplement their income by renting out a spare room here and there, but towards the home buyer who purchases a house solely to use as a STVR and is never on-site, or the developer that turns their entire apartment complex of 20+ units into a Short-Term Vacation Rental property.

Community Requests City Council Action 

Letter to City Council Regarding STVRs: Letter on Short Term Vacation Rentals

The OB Town Council meeting held on May 24, 2017 was dedicated to providing a community forum to discuss Short Term Vacation Rentals. A statement and Q&A session from San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott helped to inform our local residents on how they can get involved and help bring this important topic before the City Council.

The STVR crisis now needs a grassroots movement from citizens reaching out to elected officials and pushing for Short Term Vacation Rentals to be addressed by the City Council. The OBTC encourages all OBceans concerned by the lack of regulation on STVRs to contact City representatives to ask that the STVR issue be placed on the City Council docket.
Jon Carr, Corresponding Secretary for the OB Town Council, has written a well-crafted letter to the City Council, outlining the main points surrounding this issue, and asking for action. The letter can be found here: OBTC Letter on Short Term Vacation Rentals. It is freely available for those who like to use it as a template or inspiration for their own correspondence.  
 The spirit of the Ocean Beach community is in our hands. Please step up and speak out. Contact information for City Councilmembers is as follows:
This map clearly shows the extent of Short-Term Vacation Rentals across the community. Kevin Hastings, member of the sub-committee on STVRs of the OB Planning Board, unveiled the map at the OB Town Council meeting on May 24th.

City Council President: Myrtle Cole
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Mayor Kevin Faulconer
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San Diego Smart Growth & Land Use Committee Members:

Councilman Scott Sherman
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