From the San Diego UT:

Saturday marked the street fair’s 34th year. Lines were customarily packed under a cloudless sky — no June gloom for this fair. Individuals entered 17 chilis in the competition and restaurants three, for a total of 20.

As befitting Ocean Beach, there’s few rules about what can go into the chili. Experimentation is welcome.

Dave Martin, president of the Ocean Beach Town Council, described his chili in the way a vintner might describe a prize wine.

“We layer our flavors,” said Martin, co-owner of Shade’s Oceanfront Bistro. “The first thing you’re going to get is a sweet taste, then you’re going to get those aromatics, the beef and the beans; with the vegetarian (chili) the beans and the onions. At the very end, you get a bite with some of the chili mixes we use. Then it cools off with another sweet flavor.”

Martin wasn’t competing this year. He donated 60 gallons to the cook-off, which helps raise money for the July 4 fireworks, as “Committee Chili.”

“Our fireworks come right off the edge of the pier,” Martin said. “It’s one of the best shows in this town. And the street fair and chili cook-off is where we get the money to pay for it.”


— People’s Choice Awards 1st Place ($250): Jennifer Matuszkiewicz, OBeeyah Chili

— Restaurant Division Judges Award 1st Place ($250): Roseville Cozinha

— Restaurant Division People’s Choice 1st Place ($250): Roseville Cozinha

— Judges Award 1st Place ($200): OB Hotel, Too Many Kooks in the Kitchen

— Judges Award 2nd Place ($150): Dyjero Realty

— People’s Choice Awards 2nd Place ($150): Tiny’s Tavern

— People’s Choice Awards 3rd Place ($100): Steve Dohrman


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