Members with Benefits

We’re kicking off a new monthly perk for our OBTC members called “Members with Benefits!” In February, OBTC members get two free yoga classes at TriPower Yoga!

If you are not already a member, join the OBTC today, help support our community, and get some new benefits:!

You must be a dues-paying member of the OBTC and show yournewsletter to get the perk (either on your phone or a print-out). This perk expires on February 28th and is available for new clients of Tripower Yoga.

TriPower Yoga is a new studio located on Bacon and Voltaire.  They offer physically challenging yoga in order to open and reshape the body mind and soul, and they heat the room to a warm yet comfortable temperature. Physical challenge levels range from a powerful workout, burning up to 800 calories in an hour, to gentle and restorative. All classes incorporate traditional elements of mindfulness, breath, awareness and stress reduction. View their Classes to choose the class that is right for you.

Also, TriPower will be hosting “Glowga” – a dance inspired black light yoga session – on Saturday nights at 8:30pm. Follow them on Facebook for updates.


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