Update 4/2/2014:

The City Council is scheduled to appoint an interim councilmember on Monday, April 7. It’s the only item on the 2 p.m. docket, http://dockets.sandiego.gov/sirepub/pubmtgframe.aspx?meetid=2211&doctype=Agenda.

Please learn about the applicants, whose backgrounds and nominating statements are posted on the Clerk’s Web site at http://www.sandiego.gov/city-clerk/elections/cd2/pdf/finalapplicants.pdf, and attend Monday’s meeting to voice support for your favorite(s).


With the election of Mayor Kevin Faulconer, there is now a vacancy on City Council to represent our district.  Applications were due March 17, 2014.

Statements of qualifications and applications for 19 individuals have now been posted on Clerk’s site here:  http://www.sandiego.gov/city-clerk/elections/cd2/pdf/finalapplicants.pdf

Click here to get the all the details on the appointment process to fill this vacancy.

Although a City Council person hasn’t yet been appointed, the Council District Two office is up and running. Chet BarfieldTracy CambreNicole Capretz and Steve Hadley join Thyme Curtis in the Council Two office. These individuals focus on addressing the needs and concerns of the Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, Bay Park, Bay Ho, Morena, Midway, Linda Vista, and North Bay residents, and attending the District’s 19 monthly community meetings.

D2Last week, the District Two staff was in OB beautifying the Ocean BeachEntryway Park. Weekly projects are planned for neighborhoods throughoutCouncil District Two.

“The residents of District Two are in very good hands,” said CouncilPresident Gloria. “The individuals staffing this office have extensive prior experience working for City councilmembers and a thorough understanding of City operations that will benefit the constituents of District Two.”

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