The property owner of the former Apple Tree Market has decided to rent the property to CVS Pharmacy, and CVS subsequently requested an alcohol license.

When this matter was discussed at last month’s OB Planning Board meeting, the Ocean Beach Town Council requested CVS to provide a “Community Benefits Package” and to detail how CVS proposes to involve itself in the local community.

For example, the local Rite Aid has refused to provide assistance with the annual OB Food and Toy Drive by declining to host our donation collection canisters – we wanted to know if CVS would follow similar “corporate policies” whereby the assistance and benefit to the local community are non-existent or severely deficient.

CVS drafted the requested Community Benefits Package (an act which is rarely done by corporate entities). The Ocean Beach Town Council did extensive work on rewriting the proposed Community Benefits Package to its current condition. CVS has agreed to our revisions and requests and the Board of Directors of the Ocean Beach Town Council voted in favor of the CVS Community Benefits Package.

Especially noteworthy items that the Ocean Beach Town Council successfully advocated for inclusion in the Community Benefits Package include the following:

  • -CVS will preserve and restore the existing mural (less Apple Tree name), or replace it with a new mural from a community artist that CVS agrees to select with community involvement and/or host a community art mural produced at the Ocean Beach Street Fair.


  • -CVS commits to supporting the annual OB Food and Toy Drive by hosting receptacles for community donations of money, food, and toys.


  • -CVS will participate with the community in efforts to make any surplus parking open for public use for community businesses (i.e. potentially making this a free parking lot)


  • -CVS will enhance Ocean Beach’s food access by offering a variety of groceries, including refrigerated items (such as milk and eggs) and canned and boxed items (such as cereal , canned soup, frozen vegetables), and CVS will evaluate the feasibility of offering a limited selection of fresh produce contingent on food and safety regulations and permitting.


  • -CVS supports the local economy and will provide a process whereby local vendors and suppliers can submit products to be sold within the Ocean Beach CVS location (e.g. -Direct Store Delivery Supplier system or DSD). (an example might be selling James Gang T-Shirts the OB CVS)


  • -CVS will be supportive of a plastic bag ban ordinance (as passed by the City of Solana Beach and considered for enactment by the City of San Diego) and will sell reusable recycled totes.

While it is unfortunate that the property owner was not successful in leasing the Apple Tree lot to another grocer (as desired and advocated by the community and OB leaders), CVS is adamant about becoming a long-term OB community partner and has taken steps to address concerns about their sale of alcohol and their benefit to Ocean Beach.

It is the expectation of the Ocean Beach Town Council that CVS will fully implement all declarations and initiatives contained in the CVS Community Benefits Package for the full duration of their lease.

To read the entire Community Benefits Package, click CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: OB Rag

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