Please join us for San Diego’s second FREE open streets celebration. This event is open to anyone who wants to bike, walk, stroll or skate, as long as they’re using a non-motorized vehicle. Families and pets (on leashes) are welcome.

CicloSDias will open 2.5 miles of streets on March 30th from 10:00am-3:00pm, car-free, in Pacific Beach to pedestrians, cyclists, families, and anyone who can imagine a new way to use them.

OB BONUS: A group of local bicyclists will be riding together to CicloSDias from OB and meeting at Point Loma Library at 9:15am and Robb Field Skatepark at 9:45am and then making their way to PB.

This is an opportunity for neighbors and community members to come together and enjoy open, car-free streets on Sunday, March 30th. This event helps bring about a clean, healthy and vibrant San Diego.

“Ciclo­vía,” which translates to English as “bike path” was coined in Bogota, Columbia, a city that began experimenting with its model Ciclovia initiative in 1974 as a response to the congestion and pollution of city streets.  CicloSDias San Diego is modeled after similar car-free events held in cities around the world, including New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. As of 2012, some 80 Open Streets initiatives are held regularly in North America.  CicloSDias is all about connecting communities and giving people a break from the stress of car traffic. CicloSDias San Diego will bring families outside of their homes to enjoy car free streets. The message is clear – we all want a clean, healthy and vibrant San Diego.

CicloSDias welcomes everyone in San Diego to walk, ride, stroll and enjoy our streets. 

The event will include a “Hub” in 3 different spots along the route – These Hubs will feature CicloSDias merchandise, showcase event sponsors, and host a bicycle repair booth. Event participants are encouraged to check-in at each Hub and receive a free entry into our Bike raffle.

HUBS are located at:

Cass and Garnet Ave

Garnet and Ingraham Street

Cass and Turquoise Street

To learn more about this event, go to: To make a donation or raise money for CicloSDias, go to:

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