The City of San Diego Planning Commission will be holding an Alcohol Condition Use Permit (CUP) Workshop on the 13th of March.  Click here for the agenda.

For those who can’t make this, you can also watch it on TV (see your local cable guide) or stream it live.  Archived video are also available after all of the meetings if you want to go home kick back, pop some pop-corn, open a cold one, and watch this block buster San Diego Planning Commission Workshop.

For streaming or archived video go to

(Photo by NBC 7)




City Council District: All Plan Area: Citywide

Staff: Patrick Hooper


This workshop is intended to provide the Planning Commission with an overview of

the Alcohol CUP including a brief history and evolution of the ordinance and the

current processing procedures. The staff presentation should not be more than five or

ten minutes with approximately expectation of 30 to 40 minutes for commissioner

discussion. Time estimate; 1 hour. Public participation: unknown. Report No. PC-14-


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