2016 GOALS and OBJECTIVES (partial list)

• Cultivate Stronger OB Civic and Community Engagement

  • – Host interesting and engaging speakers at OBTC meetings
  • – Host more candidate debates, voter registration drives
  • – Increase OBTC membership to 500 members by October 15th; continue OBTC Members with Benefits Program and monthly newsletter
  • – Host quarterly OBTC member mixers and an annual OBTC membership appreciation event
  • – Create a video/social media campaign on OBTC work and civic engagement
  • – Continue Respect OB Campaign

• Advocate for OB

  • – Pass resolutions, make lobby visits, and take action to support OB
  • – Engage with our City Council office to align with OB priorities/concerns
  • – Advocate for OB Gateway Project to be 100% finished
  • – Advocate for better and increased bike and pedestrian infrastructure and host a Bike to/in OB Day
  • – Host a San Diego Town Councils Challenge – all local town councils within San Diego participate in an event in Ocean Beach to foster awareness, collaboration, unity, and fun
  • – Street light and sidewalk maintenance through notification through social media and link on the OBTC website to requests to City of San Diego

• Invest in OB

  • – Increase allocation toward OBTC Community Grants from $8,000 to $10,000
  • – Continue to provide four $500 OBTC college scholarships to local students
  • – Create an OB Eco-Sustainable Community Campaign and/or OBTC Eco Policy
  • – Host a monthly or quarterly neighborhood clean-up event in collaboration with other civic organizations serving Ocean Beach
  • – Continue facilitating OBTC events (OB Food and Toy Drive; Pier Pancake Breakfast; OB Holiday Auction; OB Holiday Parade; OB Holiday Tree; OB Craft Fairs; Chili Cook-Off with OBMA; Restaurant Walk with OBMA; etc.) and strengthen internal organizing with online Events Binder.


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