At our meeting on July 22nd, the Ocean Beach Town Council awarded $8,000 in community grants to 13 local organizations, groups, and persons that will promote the general betterment and beautification of Ocean Beach and the welfare of our residents.

Congratulations to San Diego Life Saving Association, Peninsula Shepard Center, the Ocean Beach Community Development Corporation (OBCDC), Young at Art Children’s Creative Center, Friends of the OB Native Plant Garden / San Diego River Park Foundation, Ocean Beach Friends of the San Diego Public Library, OB Elementary School Running Club, Ocean Beach Historical Society, OB Skatepark Committee of the Ocean Beach Community Foundation, Ocean Beach Woman’s Club, Ocean Beach Community Foundation, Sunset Cliff Surfing Association, , and the Peninsula Youth Softball Association! All of you are making a difference in Ocean Beach!

Below are details on the grant recipients and their projects:
The San Diego Lifesaving Association (SDLA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to enhancing water safety and recognizing excellence in the profession of lifesaving through sponsored competitions, issuing awards, public safety education, and charitable support of volunteer lifesaving saving groups.OBTC Community Grant Amount: $1,000Project: Upgrades to OB Lifeguard Station lunchroom and reception areas—

Peninsula Shepard Center

Peninsula Shepherd Center (PSC) provides a support system so that older adults, age 60 and over, may live independently and self-sufficiently in their own homes for as long as possible, while providing opportunities to learn, socialize and serve.  Their Out and About Senior Transport Program provides transportation for OB seniors to get doctor appointments necessary errands via 37 local volunteers.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $1,000

Project: Out and About Transportation Program for OB Seniors

Ocean Beach Community Development Corporation (OBCDC)

The OBCDC is dedicated to the betterment of Ocean Beach, San Diego through continued infrastructure improvement projects, sustainable practices, and provision of affordable housing in OB. We encourage you to join us at our public meetings every second Thursday at 7:00pm at the OB Rec Center at 4726 Santa Monica Avenue.

OBTC Community Grant Amount:$1,000

Project: Funds toward the Saratoga Park Playground and Adult Fitness Area

Young at Art Children’s Creative Center

Young At Art Children’s Creative Center is committed to providing a nurturing and positive atmosphere in which children can express themselves freely while engaging in the arts.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $750.00

Project: Art scholarships for OB kids


Friends of the OB Native Plant Garden / San Diego River Park Foundation

Founded in 2001, The San Diego River Park Foundation is a community-based grassroots non-profit organization. We rely upon donations and support from the community for our general operations as well as grants, both public and private. The Ocean Beach Native Plant Garden is the newest addition to their environmental gems.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $600.00

Project: To design and fabricate plant ID cards for the OB Native Plant Garden

OB Friends of the Library / Ocean Beach Friends of the San Diego Public Library

Since 1982, the OB Friends of the Library have supported the OB Library and its services and program through various activities, including community book sales, volunteer support, and other events.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $600.00

Project: To fund a new series of free cultural performances in the OB Library

Ocean Beach Elementary School PTA – OBE Running Club

The OBE Running Club seeks to promote the health and well-being of all the students attending the school. It is solely run by volunteer parents, teachers and community members. The Running Club provides 20 minutes of running time every morning before the school bell rings. Hundreds of OB Elementary School students participate in the Running Club and earn medals and trophies for their healthy habits.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $500.00

Project: OB Elementary School Running Club

Ocean Beach Historical Society

OBHS preserves O.B.’s history through the Sea Scrolls, archives, programs and public events. The OBHS Archive volunteers research, collect, preserve, and make available to the public information, artifacts, art and memorabilia related to the history of Ocean Beach.

OBTC Community Grant Amount:$500.00

Project: Production costs for a new promotional booklet on the OB Pier (which celebrates its 50th Anniversary in 2016)

OB Skatepark Committee of the Ocean Beach Community Foundation

OBTC Community Grant Amount:$500.00

Project: OB Skatepark Committee and the Helmets for Academic Success Program (providing free helmets to young skateboarders that achieve academic success).

Ocean Beach Woman’s Club

The Ocean Beach Woman’s Club has been a “Hub of Activity” in OB since 1934. We are one of the oldest civic groups in San Diego. We were instrumental in the paving of the OB streets, installation of the sewers, securing street lights and garbage disposal, acquiring a recreation center and public library, secured lifeguards year round, planted the streets with trees, shrubs and flowers, served as a recreation center for servicemen in WWII, helped acquire the Ocean Beach skate park at Robb Field, and our latest project the Ocean Beach Woman’s Club community garden.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $500.00

Project:  Upgrades and maintenance for the OB Woman’s Club facility

Ocean Beach Community Foundation

The OBCF supports local Ocean Beach community initiatives that include educational programs, community enhancement projects, youth sports, neighborhood spirit and public safety through fundraising and volunteer efforts.

OBTC Community Grant Amount: $500.00

Projects: Pier Kiosk Project, Historical Plaques, Youth Sports

Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association

“Preserving and Promoting  the Art of Surfing for Over 40 Years.”

On Saturday, Aug. 1st from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Enthusiastic surfers age 16 and younger will be competing in boys’ and girls’ age-division events in both shortboard and longboard divisions. The Gromfest is an energetic, spectator-friendly, surfing spectacle that embraces the fun of the youthful wave-riding lifestyle and is definitely intent on “maximizing beach and in-the-tube experiences” for all in attendance.

OBTC Community Grant Amount:$300.00

Project: Gromfest Surfing Contest

Peninsula Youth Softball Association

OBTC Community Grant Amount:$250.00

Project: Bleacher/Bench beautification at Robb Field


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